Hales 2

Hales 2 for Ninja

Here is Hales number 2 for Ninja. The frag body is in pretty good shape, it has a couple rows of that have very light pitting from rust. It as light surface rust and a black shiny substance, probably paint, in the recesses between the cubes. The inside is very clean, it’s pretty amazing actually. The neck is in great shape and have a perfect patina, I won’t need to do anything to it.

My poor Dremel tool, you can hear it dying as the video goes on.

Well I got about half way done with cleaning the frag body when my Dremel died. The new larger wire wheels are fantastic, seriously, go get some if you are in the market for them.

I finished up cleaning off the frag body after I picked up a new tool to replace my Dremel. Cleaned it, blued and polished it up twice, and gave it a spray down with Birchwood Casey Barricade.

Paint me like your French girls
Standing up

Lessons Learned

1. Larger diameter wire wheels are better at getting between the cubes on the frag body.

2. Discovered the wonderful world of flex shaft tools

3. Very shallow pitting from rust can be removed with a file.

All done

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