August 2019

ROTJ EE3 Parts

Boba Fett’s ROTJ EE3 Blaster

Ok, it’s time to pick this project back up from where I left off, and that is right at the beginning. I started a thread for this build on TheRPF six months ago, but had other priorities. Let me give a quick run down of the parts and their sources. Brass cast Webley – Handschaub Original Model 7 4×20 scope – the real deal Aluminum Barrel assembly – Dave the

Keyboard Control Stick

Research: X-wing Control Stick

This “Keyboard Control Stick” as I have dubbed it is like the hero control stick. You only see it on screen for a few seconds in one shot, the rest of the time the other control stick is used. It’s kind of like in Return of the Jedi most of the time Luke is using the V2, but that one shot where Darth Vader is holding the Hero Lightsaber a.k.a ISYHCANL. Maybe it should be called the “It’s away” Control stick.

Hales 1

I will not be defeated by Hales 1

I have a hard time accepting defeat by an inanimate object. But Hales 1 as pretty as it is on the outside was a nightmare on the inside. After trying over and over for a month and a half to get the neck off I had to accept that it was not coming off. The bottom plug was the same story, it would not budge. But the bottom plug is

MG81 before

MG-81 Flash Hider Restoration for Nick

I’m officially geeking out right now. Another stellar commission project to work on. And another one that I thought I’d never see in person. It’s surprisingly heavy and solid feeling for how rusty it looks. And of course I’m going to compare my replica to the real thing, take a look at this. Mine is one of the very early Todd’s Costumes, which has some inaccuracy around the scalloping. Other