Real Parts Helmet Unfinished

Real Parts X-Wing Helmet

Ok maybe real parts X-wing helmet is a slight misnomer because the movie props were not made from the real parts, it’s a bit confusing. The actual props were vacuum-formed using a real APH pilot helmet as the buck with some extra bits added. My plan is to use a real APH helmet and add the extra bits that are missing. This way it has way better detail and real-world

Detention Center Monitor

Detention Center Monitor

We’ve all seen the detention center monitors in Star Wars A New Hope that Han, Luke and Chewie shoot when breaking Leia out. I’ve always thought that was a really interesting prop that is easily recognizable. Being recognizable is important to me for my personal collection because while there are many cool props, not all are recognizable (Like the Hoth Binoculars). Having people over and having to explain what something

Cutaway Hales

Cutaway Hales

Here is something a little different, a cutaway of a Hales grenade. It never dawned on me to make a cutaway of anything before. But I took this on because it looks like a really interesting project. Before I can start cutting I need to do a little housekeeping on this hales. First there are little burrs all over the frag body that need to be trimmed off. This is

ROTJ EE3 Parts

Boba Fett’s ROTJ EE3 Blaster

Ok, it’s time to pick this project back up from where I left off, and that is right at the beginning. I started a thread for this build on TheRPF six months ago, but had other priorities. Let me give a quick run down of the parts and their sources. Brass cast Webley – Handschaub Original Model 7 4×20 scope – the real deal Aluminum Barrel assembly – Dave the

v2 clamp close up

Quick-ish Fix: Luke ROTJ Clamp Lever

My Luke ROTJ V2 Lightsaber tried to commit suicide by rolling off the shelf and broke the clamp lever. I install a new one.

Red LED for Vader Black Sidebar Lightsaber

Darth Vader’s Black Side Bar Lightsaber from ANH

The first Exactra 20 calculator that I ever bought had the red LED’s in it, It’s the only known one with a yellow PCB so far, I’m sure there are more out there. It’s funny because at the time I was bummed out that it had the red LED’s because I wanted to use the PCB for the Vader ESB hero which has the other kind of LED under the