September 2019

Hales and Booster

Hales and Booster for Kevin

We’ve a got a two for one, a Hales and a Booster for Kevin. For the Booster, the weld has been cut already, I just have to remove it but it’s stuck on. The Hales frag body only needs the paint and existing rust preventative coating removed, I’m not going to re-blue it. So neither piece needs a full treatment. The Hales Frag Body There wasn’t any rust on the

Cutaway Hales

Cutaway Hales

Here is something a little different, a cutaway of a Hales grenade. It never dawned on me to make a cutaway of anything before. But I took this on because it looks like a really interesting project. Before I can start cutting I need to do a little housekeeping on this hales. First there are little burrs all over the frag body that need to be trimmed off. This is

Microflame torch

Quick-ish Fix: Microflame Torch

The microflame torch is kind of an obscure prop that was recently discovered and has come into a lot more popularity. It’s that thingy that the Jawa use to attach the restraining bolts to our two beloved droids R2-D2 and C3P0. I have the Model B which is pretty much identical to the version that is accepted as the correct one. Unfortunately it’s a little dirty and rusting in places.