Staff of Ra Headpiece

Staff of Ra Headpiece

Wow, I did not expect to get this excited about this Ra Headpiece but I can’t help it. The Staff of Ra headpiece is easily my favorite prop out of the Indiana Jones movie series. Not only is it my favorite prop of the series, it’s comes from my favorite movie of the series, Raiders of the Lost Ark. Not to mention that this is my first non-Star Wars prop

My MG-81 Flash hider

My MG-81 Flash Hider Restoration

I never thought I would ever see one of these MG-81’s in person, they are that rare. Then Nick sent me his to restore and I thought that would be the last one I would see. I definitely didn’t think that I would ever own one. Someone tipped me off about this one being for sale and I jumped on it. Coming soon a written blog post.. whenever I get

Hales and Booster

Hales and Booster for Kevin

We’ve a got a two for one, a Hales and a Booster for Kevin. For the Booster, the weld has been cut already, I just have to remove it but it’s stuck on. The Hales frag body only needs the paint and existing rust preventative coating removed, I’m not going to re-blue it. So neither piece needs a full treatment. The Hales Frag Body There wasn’t any rust on the

MG81 before

MG-81 Flash Hider Restoration for Nick

I’m officially geeking out right now. Another stellar commission project to work on. And another one that I thought I’d never see in person. It’s surprisingly heavy and solid feeling for how rusty it looks. And of course I’m going to compare my replica to the real thing, take a look at this. Mine is one of the very early Todd’s Costumes, which has some inaccuracy around the scalloping. Other

Flex Shaft Tool

Dremel Replacement

Congrats you’ve found my blog by one means or another! This tool is called a flex shaft, it’s basically a heavy-duty Dremel. I stumbled upon this while looking for a replacement Dremel on accident and went down the rabbit hole of finding out about these tools. I discovered that a Company called Foredom is pretty much the top-end brand for flex shafts, and they command quite a price. Looking for

Browning Barrel Jacket

Removing a Browning Booster from the Barrel Jacket

Wow! I wasn’t sure that I’d ever get to see one of these in person, too bad it doesn’t belong to me though, I’m jealous Ian. I’m going to be removing a browning booster from its barrel jacket. The plan is to use the Dremel Cutting Wheel to cut through the edge of the rivet where it has been welded all the way down to the barrel jacket. I should

4 Hales

Unboxing 4 Hales & Starting Hales 1 for Ninja

Here we’ve got a fun box of grenades, pretty ladies all in a row. I never thought that I’d be opening a box with 4 grenades inside…. for any reason. The first one that is getting a massage is the painted one. The frag body is in great shape on the outside, but it’s pretty rusty on the inside. The phrase “beauty is only skin” applies here because the neck

Roman Graflex VS Real

Comparing Roman’s Graflex to the Real thing

Like the title says I’m comparing Roman’s first Graflex replica to a couple real Graflex’s that I own. DISCLAIMER: This comp is against the first version of Roman’s Graflex Replica that came out in 2017 There are a few small differences, some are done on purpose as tells so that it can be identified as a replica, but they are so subtile that you really have to look to spot