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This tool is called a flex shaft, it’s basically a heavy-duty Dremel. I stumbled upon this while looking for a replacement Dremel on accident and went down the rabbit hole of finding out about these tools. I discovered that a Company called Foredom is pretty much the top-end brand for flex shafts, and they command quite a price. Looking for a less expensive option on Amazon I came across this one that you see in the video and several others. In the reviews of this one they were all 5 star rating and many mention that it is identical to their Foredoms, and some of the parts even say “Foredom” on them. There are two version: a 4mm that is in the $60 range, and a 6mm that is in the $110 range (currently out of stock). If you’re interested in one of these you could get the 4mm flex shaft with the 6mm handpiece separate, and I think that it’s actually cheaper that way. I of course went for the more expensive option, but I was tempted by the 4mm because that is less than any of the Dremel tools that I was considering. There was another one that I looked at that people in the reviews said it was basically a Foredom as well, but it didn’t look like one and it was slightly more expensive by Glardon-Vallorbe.

The Features that matter or at least caught my attention. It has a foot pedal to control the speed. It has forward and reverse direction (friggin amazing), 1/6th horsepower, componentized so I can replace parts if they go bad, interchangeable hand pieces that can do different functions. Really the alternatives to the Foredoms are very competitively priced to anything Dremel has, you just need to decide if you’d rather have the portability over the power and durability. I’m sure if you bought an actual Foredom they probably have a better warranty and customer service that you can contact if you have issues. I’m super happy with my purchase so far, it’s been great to use so far.

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