October 2019

FieldMarshal (Warmachine) Replica Mauser

FieldMarshal (Warmachine) Replica Mauser

I’ve been waiting for a new Replica Mauser for a couple years now. It’s so crisp and sharp, literally as an unfinished metal kit you could get a scrap from some of the burrs. This kit unfinished is beautiful and will shine with a proper finishing Assembly Video You can pick on up on his site WarmachinePaintball.com Finishing the Replica Mauser So I was being lazy and only just now

JoeG Hales

Hales Frag Body Refinish for JoeG

JoeG sent me his beautiful frag body to refinish. It’s in pretty good shape, just some surface rust and paint that needs to be removed. And of course re-blueing and a coat of Barricade. And since it’s in such good condition I decided that I would not do electrolysis or any chemical paint or rust removers. Cleaning off the rust I started off using the flex-shaft with wire-wheels to clean

My MG-81 Flash hider

My MG-81 Flash Hider Restoration

I never thought I would ever see one of these MG-81’s in person, they are that rare. Then Nick sent me his to restore and I thought that would be the last one I would see. I definitely didn’t think that I would ever own one. Someone tipped me off about this one being for sale and I jumped on it. Coming soon a written blog post.. whenever I get