March 2019

v2 clamp close up

Quick-ish Fix: Luke ROTJ Clamp Lever

My Luke ROTJ V2 Lightsaber tried to commit suicide by rolling off the shelf and broke the clamp lever. I install a new one.

Magnetic Millennium Falcon

Quick-ish Fix: Magnetic Millennium Falcon Feet

In this episode of Quick-ish fix I’m going to fix the broken landing gear feet that I magnetized for my Finemolds Millennium Falcon. I had this on the wall of my cubicle at work, and some jerk decided to move it while I wasn’t there and broke two of the landing gear feet off. To be fair I had broken them myself a couple times. But that doesn’t excuse randos

4 Hales

Unboxing 4 Hales & Starting Hales 1 for Ninja

Here we’ve got a fun box of grenades, pretty ladies all in a row. I never thought that I’d be opening a box with 4 grenades inside…. for any reason. The first one that is getting a massage is the painted one. The frag body is in great shape on the outside, but it’s pretty rusty on the inside. The phrase “beauty is only skin” applies here because the neck