Real Parts Helmet Unfinished

Real Parts X-Wing Helmet

Ok maybe real parts X-wing helmet is a slight misnomer because the movie props were not made from the real parts, it’s a bit confusing. The actual props were vacuum-formed using a real APH pilot helmet as the buck with some extra bits added. My plan is to use a real APH helmet and add the extra bits that are missing. This way it has way better detail and real-world

Hales 1

I will not be defeated by Hales 1

I have a hard time accepting defeat by an inanimate object. But Hales 1 as pretty as it is on the outside was a nightmare on the inside. After trying over and over for a month and a half to get the neck off I had to accept that it was not coming off. The bottom plug was the same story, it would not budge. But the bottom plug is

Hales 3 for Ninja

Hales 3 for Ninja

Ok, Hales Number three is in progress. The main obstacle is that collar is stuck on the neck, preventing the windvane from being unscrewed, the side pins from coming out, and the firing pin from being removed. This thing didn’t want to budge. I had to make a quick jig out of wood to hold it while I worked on it. The next issue was the frag body, it isn’t

Hales 2

Hales 2 for Ninja

Here is the 2nd Hales I’m restoring for Ninja.

Browning Barrel Jacket

Removing a Browning Booster from the Barrel Jacket

Wow! I wasn’t sure that I’d ever get to see one of these in person, too bad it doesn’t belong to me though, I’m jealous Ian. I’m going to be removing a browning booster from its barrel jacket. The plan is to use the Dremel Cutting Wheel to cut through the edge of the rivet where it has been welded all the way down to the barrel jacket. I should