Yoda Lamp Kit

Yoda Lamp Kit

This is a prop that I’ve wanted for a while. It has such a brief appearance but it’s the center of a very iconic scene where Luke meets Yoda for the first time.

Mine, or I will help you not!
Mine, or I will help you not!

This is a limited number run of these lamps in which ever for you choose, fully built, static, or a kit like I bought. And it has been determined that this is very accurate to the original prop.

6 Replies to “Yoda Lamp Kit”

  1. Jon Rosiska says:

    Interested in kit or fully assembled lamp?

  2. Trent Runion says:

    Hi, are the Yoda lamps still available in kit or finished form?

  3. Trent Runion says:

    Are the lamp kits still available?

    • propchopshop_kwmy6n says:

      Sorry, they are not being made any more. But there is usually one for sale in the junkyard on the RPF.

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