My MG-81 Flash hider

My MG-81 Flash Hider Restoration

I never thought I would ever see one of these MG-81’s in person, they are that rare. Then Nick sent me his to restore and I thought that would be the last one I would see. I definitely didn’t think that I would ever own one. Someone tipped me off about this one being for sale and I jumped on it. Coming soon a written blog post.. whenever I get

MG81 before

MG-81 Flash Hider Restoration for Nick

I’m officially geeking out right now. Another stellar commission project to work on. And another one that I thought I’d never see in person. It’s surprisingly heavy and solid feeling for how rusty it looks. And of course I’m going to compare my replica to the real thing, take a look at this. Mine is one of the very early Todd’s Costumes, which has some inaccuracy around the scalloping. Other

Hales 4 for Ninja

Hales 4 for Ninja

Time to get cracking on this beast. It’s easily in the worst shape of the four Hales grenades. Not only is it pitted from excessive rusting it has also been painted…. even the brass is painted. I have no idea why someone would do this, but don’t paint your grenades. The caveat to that is if you have to use JB weld or some filler that is not going to

Hales 3 for Ninja

Hales 3 for Ninja

Ok, Hales Number three is in progress. The main obstacle is that collar is stuck on the neck, preventing the windvane from being unscrewed, the side pins from coming out, and the firing pin from being removed. This thing didn’t want to budge. I had to make a quick jig out of wood to hold it while I worked on it. The next issue was the frag body, it isn’t

Hales 2

Hales 2 for Ninja

Here is the 2nd Hales I’m restoring for Ninja.

4 Hales

Unboxing 4 Hales & Starting Hales 1 for Ninja

Here we’ve got a fun box of grenades, pretty ladies all in a row. I never thought that I’d be opening a box with 4 grenades inside…. for any reason. The first one that is getting a massage is the painted one. The frag body is in great shape on the outside, but it’s pretty rusty on the inside. The phrase “beauty is only skin” applies here because the neck