4 Hales

Unboxing 4 Hales & Starting Hales 1 for Ninja

Here we’ve got a fun box of grenades, pretty ladies all in a row. I never thought that I’d be opening a box with 4 grenades inside…. for any reason. The first one that is getting a massage is the painted one. The frag body is in great shape on the outside, but it’s pretty rusty on the inside. The phrase “beauty is only skin” applies here because the neck

Roman Graflex VS Real

Comparing Roman’s Graflex to the Real thing

Like the title says I’m comparing Roman’s first Graflex replica to a couple real Graflex’s that I own. DISCLAIMER: This comp is against the first version of Roman’s Graflex Replica that came out in 2017 There are a few small differences, some are done on purpose as tells so that it can be identified as a replica, but they are so subtile that you really have to look to spot