Quickish Fix

Microflame torch

Quick-ish Fix: Microflame Torch

The microflame torch is kind of an obscure prop that was recently discovered and has come into a lot more popularity. It’s that thingy that the Jawa use to attach the restraining bolts to our two beloved droids R2-D2 and C3P0. I have the Model B which is pretty much identical to the version that is accepted as the correct one. Unfortunately it’s a little dirty and rusting in places.

v2 clamp close up

Quick-ish Fix: Luke ROTJ Clamp Lever

My Luke ROTJ V2 Lightsaber tried to commit suicide by rolling off the shelf and broke the clamp lever. I install a new one.

Magnetic Millennium Falcon

Quick-ish Fix: Magnetic Millennium Falcon Feet

In this episode of Quick-ish fix I’m going to fix the broken landing gear feet that I magnetized for my Finemolds Millennium Falcon. I had this on the wall of my cubicle at work, and some jerk decided to move it while I wasn’t there and broke two of the landing gear feet off. To be fair I had broken them myself a couple times. But that doesn’t excuse randos